Oct 08

Travel Nanny: Start your Vacation Now

Traveling can be stressful. 89% of Americans are stressed out over planning family vacations. If you’ve ever wanted to redo a vacation then you know this statistic is sadly true. Parents spend a lot of time and money planning in order to give their children fun memories and get a break from normal life. Unfortunately, the stress of planning, packing, flying, taking care of the kids, relaxing, and then flying home isn’t as restful as one would hope. Not a shocker!

Here are three reasons why a travel nanny is a great option:

  1. Your nanny can help you with luggage, ensure your kiddos stay with you through the airport and entertain them on the plane with age appropriate toys, activities and games.
  2. Your nanny can assist in retrieving your rental car, give directions to your hotel, run errands ahead of time, and/or grocery shop for all your favorite snacks.
  3. Are you planning to island hop? Have your nanny fly with your children to all of your Hawaiian destinations to ensure continuity of care and stress free travel.

Take along a professional travel nanny and experience vacations that are carefree and relaxing for the entire family. A traveling nanny through Happy Kids will ensure you don’t regret that vacation and hope for a re-do. Do it right the first time and look back at your photos with a smile.